Duluth News Tribune: Recycling bicycles: Bike Swap moves hundreds of two-wheelers, benefits United Way
It’s not normal to see hundreds of people waiting for a bicycle shop to open, but that’s what happens one Saturday of the year, said Kraig Decker, a spokesman for Duluth’s Continental Ski & Bike.

Commentary, Post Bulletin: Advisory board: Is it time to raise the state’s gas tax?
As Minnesota lawmakers continue to discuss options for funding transportation needs, we asked members of the Post-Bulletin Community Editorial Advisory Board whether they support increasing the state’s gas tax.

Commentary, SC Times: Share your transportation troubles
We are all keenly aware of the inadequate level of transportation funding as we deal with potholes and crumbling bridges, frustrating congestion, dangerous intersections and often fatal rural two-lane highways.

Commentary, Star Tribune: Fund state transportation fully — and do it now
As mayors of communities in the Twin Cities metro area, we know firsthand how important a well-functioning transportation system is to our residents and businesses.

Editorial, Star Tribune: Met Council reform could be a transportation deal maker for Legislature
A desire to put more deal making chips on the Legislature’s transportation bargaining table is reviving a dormant, decades-old question: What’s the rightful structure and composition of the region’s primary provider of transit services and more, the Metropolitan Council?

Editorial, West Central Tribune: Tribune editorial: It’s time to invest in broadband, transportation
Minnesota is falling significantly behind on its infrastructure in transportation and broadband around this state, while the legislators sit around in endless debate on how to solve the problem.