Politics in MN: Hope and nope as deadlines pass for small bills
Short sessions aren’t kind to small bills. And for lower-profile constituencies that struggle to find a spot in the Capitol limelight, a short session can be a cruel taskmaster.

Pioneer Press: Nice Ride is taking off – and waiting for St. Paul to catch up
Is Minneapolis a better bicycling city than St. Paul? If Nice Ride Minnesota’s experience is any guide, yes — by a long shot.

Star Tribune: Pedestrian group battles for wider 3rd Avenue sidewalk at City Hall
The hubbub about the redesign of 3rd Avenue S. downtown has focused attention and criticism on the very seat of municipal government, where pedestrian advocates say the city doesn’t practice what it preaches for sidewalk accessibility.

Commentary, Austin Daily Herald: Sparks: Transportation a priority for 2016
Minnesota’s transportation network is the backbone of our state. In every part of Minnesota, millions of people rely on our roads and bridges every day to get on with their daily lives.

Commentary, SC Times: Here’s how Northstar extension might work
If BNSF is willing, Knoblach proposes adding St. Cloud, dropping some Big Lake stops

Commentary, Star Tribune: A comprehensive transportation bill is sorely needed for roads, bridges, transit in Minnesota
Back in 2014, as our legislators knocked on doors and held town halls to win votes, they made big promises to Minnesota.

Commentary, Star Tribune: Emissions by the numbers: Gas vs. hybrid vs. electric
Tesla Motors has announced a quarter-million orders with cash deposits for its new Model 3 electric car.

Commentary, Star Tribune: It’s time to pull the plug on electric-car subsidies
If you’re wondering why American voters are angry and fed up with politics as usual, a good place to start looking is at the crony capitalism that allows a few electric-car fanatics to pick taxpayer pockets for more and more government subsidies to fuel their hobby.