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May 2016

May 26, 2016

Duluth News Tribune: Dayton has doubts on transportation funding MinnPost: How a transportation deal didn’t get done at the Legislature MPR: Dayton: Transportation doubtful in special session Politics in MN: [...]

MAY 23, 2016

AP: Lawmakers end session in a blur, sans transportation funding (In Politics in MN) Austin Daily Herald: Red Bike is rollin’; Red Bike demand out-pedals supply Duluth News Tribune: Transportation, [...]

MAY 19, 2016

MinnPost: Raising Minnesota’s license tab fees could be a key component of any transportation deal. Here’s how it would work — and who would pay MinnPost: Dayton presents two options [...]

MAY 16, 2016

Fox 9: Gov. Dayton's 2 proposals to pay for roads, bridges and transit Minnesota lawmakers are entering the final week of the session without a compromise on transportation spending, so [...]

MAY 12, 2016

AP: Transportation debate in focus as budget negotiations begin Minnesota legislators entered private negotiations Monday over how to spend a $900 million budget surplus, turning their focus to transportation in [...]

MAY 9, 2016

MinnPost: Political fights over light rail projects in Minnesota are nothing new Sen. Al Franken warned recently about the possible loss of federal funds for the $1.8 billion Southwest LRT [...]

MAY 5, 2016

Austin Daily Herald: ‘Backbone of Minnesota’ transportation funding moving slow at legislature District 27 Sen. Dan Sparks and District 27B Rep. Jeanne Poppe, both DLF-Austin, called transportation the backbone of [...]

MAY 2, 2016

Transportation MPR: Dayton pushes transportation spending plan, but talks are in low gear Gov. Mark Dayton on Friday laid out his demands for a transportation funding package, hoping to jumpstart [...]

April 2016

APR 25, 2016

Duluth News Tribune: Recycling bicycles: Bike Swap moves hundreds of two-wheelers, benefits United Way It's not normal to see hundreds of people waiting for a bicycle shop to open, but [...]

APR 21, 2016

MN Daily: Automated cars could be the new norm With advancing technology and widely available car-sharing services, getting around without your own car is becoming a reality for big-city dwellers. MPR: [...]