Bloomberg View: What’s so bad about rolling through a red light? (In Star Tribune)
Bicyclists who barrel through red lights without even slowing down are the worst, right? As urban cycling has grown in popularity, this reckless behavior has become a major traffic hazard, exasperating drivers and endangering pedestrians and cyclists.

Duluth News Tribune: Plans emerging for Northern Lights Express
Plans for possible train stations are beginning to take shape along a proposed passenger rail line between the Twin Cities and Duluth.

Echo Press: Transportation funding undecided
Minnesota’s railroads are becoming safer, railroad officials and legislative transportation leaders agree.

MinnPost: Little bus on the prairie: Rural transit, faced with demographic change, adapts and evolves
On most work days, Jim Hansen climbs behind the wheel of a 16-seat, turtle-top transit bus in Owatonna and winds his way a dozen miles to this small town.

Pioneer Press: Jackson Street costs nearly double; ‘8-80 city’ proving pricey
A road rebuild that includes the first leg of a downtown bicycle loop is getting off to a pricey start: cost estimates for the full reconstruction of Jackson Street have doubled from $8.45 million to $16.5 million.

SC Times: Coalition calls for broad transportation funding
A statewide coalition of about 50 organizations ranging from health care to labor unions to environmental groups called on the Legislature to increase funding for all modes of transportation at a news conference Friday in St. Cloud.

Star Tribune: The Drive: Pothole season might be a bit milder this year
Near record temperatures over the weekend likely spawned cases of spring fever, but the warmth also signals the arrival of something that might be even more menacing to motorists than road construction: pothole season.

Commentary, SC Times: Extending rail line will pay in future
Questions about costs overlook realities of political gridlock, state’s future needs.