Minnesota’s transportation problems cannot be solved with one-time stop-gap fixes.

A Common-Sense Solution

Transportation Forward believes Minnesota should not only improve and rebuild roads and bridges, but also develop and enhance public transportation, and ensure infrastructure for bicycling and walking is safe, efficient, and accessible.

2017 Legislative Platform for End-of-Session Negotiations

We are long overdue for increases in long-term, dedicated funding for all modes of transportation throughout the state. With end-of-session negotiations underway and the May 22 adjournment fast approaching, Transportation Forward calls on Governor Dayton and legislative leaders to:

  • At a minimum, provide sufficient funding to maintain current Metro Transit service levels and current fares.
  • Do not set up barriers to the expansion of the metro area’s bus and rail transit systems.
  • Treat everyone the same. Do not put restrictions on metro counties that are placed on no other county in Minnesota.
  • Welcome the return of our tax dollars. Do not prevent the state, the Metropolitan Council, or local governments from securing federal money for transit projects and service.
  • Fund greater Minnesota transit sufficiently to meet 100% of projected need.
  • Establish a statewide active transportation – bicycling and walking – program with dedicated funding.
  • Fund the Safe Routes to School program in the bonding bill.
  • Defend the ability of the Twin Cities region to continue managing its growth and development by rejecting the proposed changes to the make-up of the Metropolitan Council.

Additionally, Transportation Forward urges the Governor and Legislature to:

  • Strike language in the transportation bill and other bills that imperils the state’s eligibility to receive $47 million in funds from the Volkswagen emissions settlement.
  • Delete language that would enact a new $75 per vehicle fee on electric vehicles (EVs).

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