Duluth News Tribune: New center means challenges for DTA
The Duluth Transit Authority knows its riders are its biggest supporters — and, as such, its most vocal critics, too.

Fergus Falls Journal: Is state transportation deal possible at Capitol?
State Rep. Tim Kelly believes he and Sen. Scott Dibble could negotiate a long-term transportation plan in about an hour.

MinnPost: Trains, lanes and tax deals: what metro-area governments want from the 2016 state Legislature
The 2016 legislative wish lists for local governments in the Twin Cities read a lot like the 2015 wish lists for local governments in the Twin Cities.

MinnPost: For thirty years, electric streetcars ruled Twin Cities streets
Horse car and cable car systems in the Twin Cities spurred urban growth and gave residents more mobility.

MN Daily: Dayton talks transportation, education
Gov. Mark Dayton highlighted early childhood education, transportation, racial disparities and other challenges facing Minnesota during his sixth State of the State address Wednesday night, hosted at the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center.

MPR: Are electric cars practical in Minnesota?
The 43rd annual Twin Cities Auto Show opens this weekend, and the setup will include a brand new feature: A room dedicated entirely to electric vehicles.

Pioneer Press: Washington County pursues planning funds for 2 rapid bus lines
Washington County officials hope the 2016 Legislature will provide the money to continue planning two key transportation projects.

Pioneer Press: Electric-car boosters offer Minnesotans a rebate
Consumers like electric cars … in theory. Who wouldn’t dig a car that is dead silent, spews no noxious fumes, is eco-chic and can be fueled simply by plugging it in for the night, like an iPhone?

Star Tribune: St. Cloud transit activists to lobby lawmakers for Northstar extension
A group of residents and transit activists from the St. Cloud area rolled into Target Field station on the Northstar commuter rail Thursday morning with plans to lobby state legislators to extend the train all the way to St. Cloud.

Star Tribune: Dakota County anticipates $1 billion in transportation needs by 2030
Dakota County’s road network will need an estimated $1 billion in fixes and upgrades by 2030 to meet the needs of its growing population, county officials say.

Star Tribune: Does Mpls., big-city leader in bike network density, have enough bike lanes?
Minneapolis has the densest biking network of the nation’s most populous cities — and it’s not even a close contest.

Commentary, Fergus Falls Journal: Cars: the most socialist transportation
One of the biggest arguments some car drivers make when they describe why they don’t like bikes, bike lanes or any non-automobile means of transportation is this…

Commentary, Mankato Free Press: ROADS: Legislature must find path to funding
Why It Matters: More miles of Minnesota roads are crumbling as Republicans and Democrats delay a compromise solution.

Editorial, Post Bulletin: Our View: Education will increase transit demand