Duluth News Tribune: Duluth mayor doubles down on street repairs for 2016
Duluth Mayor Emily Larson announced Tuesday that she aims to double the number of miles of street the city improves this year.

Politics in MN: Gold Line planners to alter BRT route
Lake Elmo’s exit from project creates more flexibility

Star Tribune: New Route 494 suburb-to-suburb express bus route is suspended
It’s the end of the line — at least temporarily — for the region’s first suburb-to-suburb express and limited-stop bus service.

Star Tribune: Bike storage facility coming to 38th Street Station
It will take until mid-summer to complete, but bicycle riders – especially those who use the Blue Line – will have a new place to store their two wheelers.

Star Tribune: Transportation Beat: It’s easier now to go car-free
About 10 years ago, my husband suggested that we get rid of our two cars and take transit everywhere instead.

Star Tribune: Walking in the Twin Cities: It’s hard out there for a pedestrian
On Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015, I was hit by a white Nissan, in the middle of a crosswalk, on the walk light, on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue.

Editorial, Pioneer Press: Crossing safety
No matter who’s in the right, in the contest of pedestrian versus automobile, the pedestrian loses.

LTE, Post Bulletin: Bus Rapid Transit systems operate with fewer problems and costs
There has been a lot of conversation about U.S. mass transit systems in the national news recently.

LTE, SC Times: Bus service works; train not worth it
For $8, I can board a warm, comfortable bus in St. Cloud, ride to Big lake, take the awaiting Northstar train to Target Field, then catch the tram to the Twin Cities airport.