MPR: Dayton pushes transportation spending plan, but talks are in low gear
Gov. Mark Dayton on Friday laid out his demands for a transportation funding package, hoping to jumpstart progress on a deal with Republicans.

Pioneer Press: Minnesota legislators promise transportation funding plan
How Minnesota can provide billions of dollars to fix roads and other transportation needs over the next decade may become clearer within a week.

Pioneer Press: Real World Economics: Economic estimates usually imprecise at best
No, the Green Line light rail project did not result in $4.2 billion in economic growth for the Twin Cities.

Star Tribune: The Drive: Metro Transit adds new bus services to boost ridership
Last year, Metro Transit provided a record-setting 85.5 million rides, which on the surface sounds like good news.

Star Tribune: Seven DFL state senators threaten to withhold votes for bonding bill over Southwest light-rail line
Seven DFL state senators are threatening to withhold their support of a bonding bill, legislation that requires a super majority to pass, if legislative leaders don’t approve $135 million in state funding for the Southwest Light-Rail Transit project.

Commentary, Brainerd Dispatch: Guest Opinion: Minnesota’s roads and bridges need to be addressed
There is less than a month remaining in the 2016 legislative session as lawmakers have been working hard to address the issues facing Minnesota.

Editorial, SC Times: Legislators, let’s extend Northstar
Dayton, DFLers must put forth plan or work with Rep. Jim Knoblach on his bill

LTE, Echo Press: LETTER: Find compromise on paying for safe roads and bridges
Recently, Rep. Paul Anderson sent a newsletter to constituents with misleading information about transit funding.