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Minneapolis Public High School Students Worry Legislature’s Proposed Transit Funding Cuts Could Cost Them Their Ride to School

Students & Supporters to Call for Transit Funding at May 2 Press Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota (May 1, 2017) – The Minnesota Legislature has proposed deep cuts to Metro Transit funding that will lead to a devastating 40% cut in bus and light rail service, with all local and express bus routes either reduced or eliminated. Among the riders who will be negatively impacted by these cuts are thousands of Minneapolis students who use Metro Transit to get to school and to participate in after-school academic programs, sports, and other activities.

Metro Transit provides Minneapolis Public Schools students a ride to and from school through a Go-To Student Pass program. University of Minnesota research has demonstrated clear “benefits for students at and away from school, financial savings for Minneapolis Public Schools, time savings for families, reduced traffic congestion, reduced vehicle emissions, promoting positive attitudes towards transit, and equity benefits for students from under-resourced families.” Absenteeism dropped 23 percent among Metro Transit Student Pass users after Minneapolis Public Schools adopted the program.

On May 2, students will share their stories about the benefits of the Metro Transit system, and the hardships that could result from reduced transit service.

Press conference to denounce proposed Metro Transit cuts and highlight impact on local students

WHEN: Tuesday, May 2, 7:30 a.m.

WHERE: Metro Transit bus stop between 22nd Ave and 23rd Ave on northwest side of Lake St, Minneapolis, MN

WHO: MPS High School students from South, Southwest, and Roosevelt High; District 8 Metropolitan Council Member Cara Letofsky; leaders from Transit for Livable Communities & St. Paul Smart Trips and Transportation Forward

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