The Minnesota Legislature has proposed deep cuts to Metro Transit funding. The results would be extreme:

  • 40% cut in bus and rail service
  • Significant fare increases
  • Transit Link service eliminated
  • Metro Mobility will suffer

We can’t let this happen. Tell Governor Dayton and your state leaders that cutting transit is unacceptable.

Our state has not invested enough in bus, rail, bicycling or walking as it is. Now these drastic cuts put our economic vitality, our environment, and our quality of life at risk. They would have a devastating impact on the elderly, low-income workers, communities of color, people with disabilities, and all who depend on transit to get around.

Under legislation that has already passed in the House, all 151 Metro Transit express and local bus routes would either be reduced or eliminated – up to 70 routes could disappear entirely.

The proposed legislation also explicitly limits any future light rail expansion and bars the Met Council from using funds for the Southwest Green Line Extension.

Negotiations are underway at the State Capitol. Don’t wait to raise your voice.

Take action now: Tell Governor Dayton and your state legislators to reject transit cuts and fund better transportation options for the metro and for all Minnesotans.