Recent developments at the State Capitol make it clear that legislators are feeling our pressure—AND that we need to keep that pressure on.

A new transportation proposal scales back their most extreme cuts to Metro Transit funding, but would still leave riders in our community to suffer with serious service cuts and fare increases. It also leaves Greater Minnesota transit systems without enough funding to meet current or future needs.

This anti-transit legislation got one step closer to the Governor’s desk when it passed in the MN House yesterday.

Every day, Minnesotans rely on transit to get to work, to get to school, and to live their lives. Making that harder is just not right.

Instead of asking people to pay more for less frequent service, shorter hours, and fewer routes, why aren’t state leaders making lasting investments in the bus, rail, bicycling, and walking options that connect communities and improve access to jobs and opportunity?

These are not frills. They are essential services.

Things are moving quickly at the State Capitol. Help us stop this anti-transit legislation before it’s too late.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Governor Dayton and state leaders: Reject transit cuts, reject this inadequate new proposal, and fund transportation options now.