Without immediate action on transportation, Minnesota will fall behind.

Overcoming Statewide Challenges

Without immediate action on transportation, Minnesota will fall behind— businesses and families will have higher costs, companies will lose top workers to other markets, and communities will struggle to ensure access to jobs, services, and opportunity for all residents, from seniors to new arrivals to the next generation.

We’re seeing the positive results of spending on transit (bus and rail), but transit doesn’t reach most homes, jobs, or services. In communities of every size, funding for transit does not meet demand, leaving people stranded everyday.

Residents of every age, from school children to seniors, lack safe ways to cross streets on foot or ride bicycles to nearby destinations. Increasingly, the lack of these options affects community health and vitality, from rising rates of obesity to the ability of towns to attract tourists and keep young workers.

In towns & cities, local streets and bridges are at the end of their life cycle and need to be upgraded, while increasing freight traffic affects mobility for everyone. Rebuilding these systems should reflect the ways people choose to get places today—driving, transit, walking, and bicycling.

Creating Opportunities for Minnesota Communities

With new revenue for transportation, Minnesota could take action on existing problems and prepare for a brighter future. Better transportation options are essential to growing jobs, spurring economic development, and improving quality of life across the state.

More Transit Access. With more funding, bus and rail systems across the state could provide more frequent service and expand service hours and/or coverage areas. Transit would be an affordable option for more families headed to work or school, while more seniors could stay independent even after they stop driving.

Walkable & Bikable Communities. Across the state, more communities could make their Main Streets friendlier for people walking and provide safe bicycle routes to school and work. Towns of every size could meet challenges such as freight traffic with all modes in mind and in ways that make best use of resources.

Reliable Roads and Bridges. With dedicated, long-term funding, the state could address the growing backlog of bridges in need of repair, while cities and counties could plan for road upkeep and expanded safety measures. More reliable travel options would help businesses and farmers get goods to market.

Real Stories

Transportation Forward’s growing collection of real stories from across the state highlights the needs Minnesotans have for a transportation system that benefits us all—whether we walk, drive, bike, or take the bus. Click here to share your own story today! Send photos and questions to info@transportationforwardmn.org.

Nita Hanson

Nita Hanson is on a roll! In anticipation of 30 Days of Biking this year, Nita decided to start biking every day. She's been biking every day since March 8 and is well on the way [...]

Tyler Blackmon

Tyler is a St. Paul resident, living along West 7th. He shares, “as a renter on West 7th, I’m keenly aware of the need for better transit options along the Riverview Corridor to connect my [...]

Dan Clarkin

Dan is a resident of Oakdale, and has relied on transit all of his life.  “I love taking the bus and train to work and to sports games” he shares. “It saves me a lot [...]

George Hamm

George Hamm is a resident of the Longfellow neighborhood in Minneapolis, and has been biking to work in Downtown St. Paul for 10 years. Improved bike infrastructure has made his commute safer, and has encouraged [...]

Jonathan Gershberg

Jonathan Gershberg lives in South Minneapolis, and rides his bike and takes public transit as much as possible. “Unfortunately, there are some times where our transit and bike systems are inadequate to get to where [...]

Thomas Clarke

Tom Clarke is a 65 year old South Minneapolis resident, who recently became bus dependent due to a broken ankle. “Before, I was an infrequent transit rider but a frequent walker and biker” he says. [...]

Stephanie Liebhart

Stephanie Liebhart is a year-round bike commuter that lives in the Longfellow neighborhood in South Minneapolis. “I enjoy taking the Midtown Greenway and many other bike lanes, trails and protected bikeways to restaurants, sporting events, [...]

Heather Keyes

Heather Keyes lives in downtown Minneapolis, and works in Bloomington. After living all over the world, flexible transportation options are what brought her back to Minnesota. “I depend on the light rail in winter and [...]

Harry Maddox

For Minneapolis resident Harry Maddox, fixing transportation in Minnesota means creating “more transparency in transit funding, better options for transit users like myself to get to and from better jobs, more safe pedestrian and biking [...]

Tyler Schaw

Tyler Schaw doesn't have access to the transportation options he needs, even in the heart of the city. "I live in downtown Minneapolis. Even though I'm in the center of Twin Cities transit, after 6 [...]

Julia Kloehn

Growing and improving bus service matters to Julia Kloehn, who relies on transit to get to and from school. "As a student who commutes to the University of Minnesota from my family's home in southwest Minneapolis, I [...]

Brett Ostby

Brett Ostby sees members of his Greater Minnesota community struggling with limited transportation options—and he knows something has to change. "I have little trouble traversing Rochester by bike, but I’m a healthy, able bodied man. I can [...]

Jeremy Staffeld

Jeremy Staffeld is a freelance website developer who moved from Michigan to Minneapolis. “The Twin Cities' multimodal transportation options have given me the freedom I’ve needed to be independent and successful. The Green Line light [...]

Alexis Pennie

Alexis Pennie is a professional in the urban planning field. He lives in Minneapolis and does not own a vehicle, commuting to work each day via public transit or by bike. His sister is also dependent [...]

Regina Mustafa

Wife and mom Regina Mustafa gave up driving due to vision loss. She needs better options for getting around Rochester without getting behind the wheel. “If you think not being able to drive must be [...]

Khalid Dayib

Limited transportation options in Khalid's suburban community impact his daily life. “Commuting every day from Apple Valley/Burnsville to school and work in Saint Paul is not easy. Having easier, faster routes would be very helpful.”

Kristen Peterson

Maple Grove's Kristen Peterson grew up in the Twins Cities suburbs, and as a child was only aware of cars as a transportation option. “Everything changed when I started college at the University of Minnesota. [...]

Brad Smith

Rochester's Brad Smith says transportation options are of growing importance to workers and businesses in his community. "To me, public transit and biking equals equity. Transportation issues are increasingly an issue of commerce. The People’s Food Co-op [...]

Thomas Beaumont

Thomas Beaumont and his wife live in Minneapolis. Both have many older relatives and friends throughout Greater Minnesota who can no longer drive safely. Thomas explains, “They have become isolated and immobile. They must rely [...]

Julia Bulbulian Wells

Julia Bulbulian Wells of Minneapolis wants bicycling to be a viable transportation option for more people. "I first started commuting by bicycle over ten years ago while attending the University of Minnesota. Since becoming car-free [...]

Janice Sims

Janice Sims is an active member of her St. Cloud community and her local church. “Extending Northstar to St. Cloud would make my life so much easier. I am an aspiring missionary, and the train [...]

Etienne Compaore

Etienne Compaore is a very proud resident of St. Cloud, describing it as a small city where you can find anything you want, including quality healthcare and education. Still, he says, transit access is a [...]

Danette Knickmeier

Danette Knickmeier lives in South Minneapolis. Even though her employer pays for her parking downtown, she chooses to ride her bike or take the light rail to work every day. She is grateful to have [...]

Brian Downing

Brian Downing works with the Healthy Duluth Initiative and lives in the Endion neighborhood of Duluth. Brian commutes to work by bicycle year-round, but he experiences and understands how it can be difficult for others [...]

Sofie Everetts

Sofie Everetts is a student from Minneapolis. She says, “Since I don’t have my driver's license, biking and taking public transit have been one of the ways I’ve been able to find my independence. However, [...]

Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson’s work as a public health educator has given her a firsthand look at the importance of investing in complete streets in Greater Minnesota. “Horizon SHIP has had a lot of success over the [...]

Maria Bondy

Local bus service is too limited for Roseville’s Maria Bondy to rely on it for work—so she’s stuck using more of her paycheck just getting to and from her job. “Bus stop locations around my [...]

Allisa Bondy

Allisa Bondy of Roseville relies on the bus to access a good education while keeping her transportation costs down: “As a commuter student at the University of Minnesota, taking the bus to campus from my [...]

Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn, who lives in Elgin and works in nearby Rochester, says a lack of safe bicycling infrastructure limits his transportation options: “I would love to bike to and from work. However, the county highways [...]

Peter & Vicki Torkelson

Small business owners Peter and Vicki Torkelson operate the Scandinavian Inn in Lanesboro. “When it comes to local transportation, we first consider if we can make the trip biking or walking. Lanesboro is a very [...]

Sebastian Alfonzo

Sebastian Alfonzo is a student at Central High School. He immigrated to Saint Paul from Valencia, Venezuela, when he was very young. Sebastian’s mother and father both have full time jobs, so if he needs [...]

LesleyAnne Crosby

LesleyAnne Crosby is a massage therapist who depends on clients in suburbs such as Eden Prairie. She spent so much time on the bus commuting between Minneapolis and the suburbs she had to leave a [...]

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